From Assessment to Freedom: The Four Phases of The MVMNT Plan’s Coaching Program

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Our mission is to get people moving and to keep them moving.

Exercise IS THE BEST medicine, and we want to help everyone get their dose.

If you want to start exercising but are struggling due to an illness or injury, or you’ve had to stop the sport or activities you love due to illness or injury, we can help you. Our unique approach will help you achieve your health and fitness goals, enabling you to live a life of physical activity and freedom.

What makes coaching at The MVMTN Plan different? Below we will discuss our unique four-phase coaching process that we use to guarantee our clients success.


The first phase of the MVMNT Plan’s coaching programme is the assessment stage. This is where we assess where you are in your current health and fitness journey and what we need to do next. Here, we develop your MVMNT plan, a list of success metrics, and a customised exercise prescription crafted to your specific needs. This phase is essential for setting a strong foundation for our journey ahead together.


Once the assessment phase is complete, we move on to the “Develop” stage. Here, you will work one-on-one with our skilled exercise physiologist to gain confidence and competence in key areas. These areas include moving safely and efficiently, understanding exercise programming, improving lifestyle factors impacting goal achievement, and comprehending our primary principles at The MVMNT Plan along with the foundations of recovery, capacity, and exercise.


The third stage is “elevate.”. Once you have achieved a level of freedom of movement and no longer need regular one-on-one sessions, we continue to progress with personalised programming and monthly face-to-face sessions with your coach. Your regular coaching sessions are used to review your progress, provide relevant education, and reassess as needed, with the goal of continuing to develop, elevate, and evolve your abilities.


The final stage is “Freedom”. This marks the achievement of your initial set of goals and the acquisition of skills necessary for maintaining your health. In this phase, you have the freedom to choose your next adventure. Whether it’s a maintenance program with The MVMNT Plan or a challenge like hiking the Kokoda Trail – you now have the power to shape your fitness journey.

The MVMNT Plan’s coaching program is designed with your empowerment in mind. Our unique approach differentiates us from other allied health programs. We are committed to achieving results and fostering self-sufficiency and freedom in your health and fitness journey.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey to achieve your health and fitness goals, book your FREE Discovery Call with The MVMNT Plan today!

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