The MVMNT Plan Rehab Team

Rob Bonser

Owner of The MVMNT Plan

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science (2012)

Hello, my name is Rob, and I'm incredibly passionate about using my clinical exercise and sports science expertise, as well as my keen eye for biomechanics, to help people move better and feel better. I love coaching people through each stage of their health and fitness journey, whether it's recovering from an injury, managing a chronic disease, or discovering their inner athlete.

I finished my degree in 2012 after working as a personal trainer for 5 years in the fitness industry. I threw myself headfirst into opening my first gym and exercise physiology clinic and haven't looked back since. Since then, I've had the privilege of assisting hundreds of people in improving their mobility and function, becoming stronger, rehabilitating injuries, managing chronic diseases, overcoming pain, and living their best lives.

I've earned additional certifications and completed professional development courses over the years, which have helped me improve my practice as an exercise physiologist who helps people move better and feel better. Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, Reformer Pilates, various ACL rehab courses, shoulder injury and rehab courses, optimising function, and many others are among them.

My approach to working with clients is centred on what I call the three pillars of long-term health. Lean muscle mass, muscle function, and cardiovascular capacity are the three pillars. What I help my clients do is build those three pillars while also incorporating any other health and fitness goals or needs they may have.

Along with this approach, my vision for The MVMNT Plan is to establish an exercise physiology practice that is one of many across the country that is changing the game and shaking things up in the allied health industry. I want a practice that prioritises client outcomes and provides services that meet those expectations. 

When I'm not pouring my heart into The MVMNT Plan you can find me outside being as active as possible using the fitness I work hard on in the gym. Since returning from rural northern Queensland, I've been attempting to learn to surf, rekindling my love of running, and putting on the soccer boots for one of the local clubs here in Bundaberg. I'm also a father to a wonderful young son and the husband of a loving wife. We've developed a bit of a passion as a family for exploring Australia whenever we get the chance, and we've had a good go at it so far, but there's always more to see!

So, when I see you in the gym - let me know about your caravan, camper trailer or 4WD set-up, who you follow in the Premier League or if you want to talk fitness, I'm more than happy to stop for a chat.

If you want to get in touch about services at The MVMNT Plan you can book a Free Phone Consult below, give me a call on 0415 426 426, shoot me an email at or follow me on the socials below.

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